What are you working on currently? (2018)




Tip: Turn on antialiasing in studio(change quality to Level21 or whatever is max) to make the screenshots look better.


Ooh pretty! Needs some structural pillars though. Very good.


oof I originally had them in there but we needed the space for game elements… Oh well :confused:


Practicing texturing on a Roblox package.

I use 1K textures for each section (torso, arms, legs) compared to the 200x200 or whatever space packages have on the composite textures, so it’s really cool how you can see the details of the cloth/metal and read the text. That being said, I’m not very good at texturing – it looks pretty bland. Regardless, the main point of retexturing was so that I could separate components into layers and do this:

Full Color3 support for each piece of the package. I can keep all of the details without washing the texture out by mixing black/white versions of the same image. Unfortunately, I’m running into issues because Roblox decals don’t have any support for layering so nearly 100% of the time the textures aren’t layered in the correct order.


Here’s a short preview of a game I’ve been working on for a few months. Finally got the cell placement working correctly thanks to @Alkan


This should become a feature request. Job well done. I have that package on my current body, and I can definitely say that there is a huge appeal difference.


Ive been working on a lot of Titanic 2.0 assets lately but I cant show most since theyre mainly flat textures, but heres some more progress on the Honor and Glory clock.

Reference Pic

Reference Pic


Planning on making a feature request, but I doubt it’d ever gain much traction internally since Roblox has a lot of work to do with anthro, and some would make the argument that it’s unneeded because of UGC even though very few users (relatively speaking) actually know how to model/texture.

I feel like this is one of those things that needs to prove its usefulness first, and to do that we need support for decal layering so I can start porting packages/accessories and release a model that allows users to customize their avatar in games that have the model. When a large number of games are using it, then it should be easier to convince Roblox that this is a necessary feature.


Make more showcases, at the moment I have only 2 but I continue expanding, this is just a terrain showcase with mesh spamming so it’s not really a showcase but I’ll try.


The baby creeps me out, but the designs are very nice!


You missed the chance to name it What are you working on currently? {2018}

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Generic co-op survival campaign game where you shoot mutant monsters in the soviet metros.


That’s some seriously hot stuff


Working on a build, the bottom picture is the concept art.


Been working on Flight, releasing early 2018. Started rewriting the game from the ground up in the middle of December and I anticipate it to release within a few weeks. I’ve been concentrating on making the new plane flying system work smoothly and on multiple platforms.

You can control the plane using WASD, arrows, d-pad or thumbstick on gamepad, mouse, or touch control on mobile.


Mouse control demo:


Also works on mobile in both landscape and portrait mode:

I’m also going to try and get gyroscope control to work so Flight can be played in as many ways as possible. All of the UIs are coded, all of the backend is coded, all of the physics are coded. Next step is creating a custom camera, creating better client replication, and then implementing game modes. I’m excited to see where this goes in the coming weeks.




Right now I’m working on a slew of stuff, some of it on hold, but here’s a quick rundown:
-Chipio Data Storage Complex: Essentially a giant underground facility similar to Pinewood Computer Core, but much more detailed, realistic, and packed with things to do. Currently on hold while I figure out how to fill a warehouse with shelving without adding an extra 900,000 parts.
-Trend Chaser: A game based on predicting trends and fads and building games around them in order to rise to the front page. Still a bit of a mockup while I come up with ideas for it.
-Classic Arcade Tycoon: This was a tech demo of my new tycoon kit and a way to test my livestreaming capability. I say “was” because I have put livestreaming on hold, and thus this project. You can watch the entire stream archive here.

Some non-ROBLOX things:
-My YouTube Channel: 2017 was a big year, and I plan to make 2018 even better. I recently posted one of my most favorite videos, and I intend to keep doing that throughout this year. I’m bringing in new types of content and phasing out/reimagining old ones.
-A Nathaniel Hawthorne Documentary: My project for the end of this semester for American Lit is to create a documentary documenting the writing process of Nathaniel Hawthorne. I look forward to completing it and maybe sharing it on here.
-A YouTube Red Show Review: If you have Red, you’ve probably seen a show called Hyperlinked. It’s… pretty bad. I’m writing my first-ever review on it, because I refuse to remain silent about this tragedy of filmmaking… I’m currently 5 pages into the review and a minute and thirty seconds into the first episode, so it’ll take a while to complete it (which I probably won’t).

So yeah, that’s what I’m working on. Two games on hold, one game in pre-production, a low-budget YT channel, a class-sanctioned documentary, and a video dedicated to bashing Disney.

What can possibly go wrong?


I’m working on a sword fighting game to bring back sword fighting games

It’s bare bones atm but…yeah, I’m the only one doing the programming, gfx and level design