What are you working on currently? (2018)

That looks so cool; Are you planning to use it for a game?

probably not

aww, I would love to see it in a game somewhere

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Just finished two more weapons :stuck_out_tongue:




Made this retro logo for my new game!



Not Roblox related, but I released a new song I’m proud of a couple of days ago :relaxed:

You’re back!

Yet another rhythm game…???


This is now my main project, taking after SOUND VOLBLOX, known as reVolt.

This is intended to replace SOUND VOLBLOX, and actually feature my own or other Roblox developers’ music over copyrighted work.

This is the first stress test for the new engine, and I’ll be regularly developing this now that school’s out for the semester.

This is the song featured in the video, which I made specifically as a menu/test theme for this game:



This may look like a sad lump of metal on ball wheels, but on the inside it has an invisible diesel motor that doesn’t exist, powering an invisible alternator that doesn’t exist, which powers electric motors connected to the wheels which are invisible and don’t exist. The electric motors are invisible and don’t exist, not the wheels.

So what does all these things that are invisible and don’t exist actually do? They power a train.

A large number of locomotives on Roblox treat engine sounds as a sort of afterthought. You slap in a script that changes the PlaybackSpeed of a sound based on the train’s velocity.

But to those who know how diesel-electric locomotives work, it’s easy to tell these locomotives from ones that simulate prime movers because the prime mover has to spool up before the train can move, among other behaviors.

For uber nerds:

  • Prime mover torque is a parabola as a function of RPM and is fit between <0,0>, <MaxRPM/2,MaxTorque>,<MaxRPM,0>. I may have worked out the DE incorrectly, but if I did, the prime mover spools up reasonably regardless.
  • Alternator amperage is a logarithmic growth fit between <offset,0> and <1,1>. Two parameters control it: the offset, which determines at what RPM the alternator begins putting out amps and is measured as a percentage of RPM, and a parameter that controls the rate of growth.
  • Motor torque is an exponential decay as a function of locomotive speed fit between 0 and MaxSpeed, multiplied by the amperage and the max torque. A parameter controls the rate of decay.

It’s not a very precise simulation of a diesel-electric locomotive, but it’s fairly accurate to the general characteristics thereof. I didn’t want to overload users with parameters, so I chose models that I thought were both simple and friendly (i.e. exponential decay instead of inverse decay for motor torque) to fill in where performance might be impacted by various phenomena in PGS.

I expect to publish this system to free models the minute feature creep stops creeping.


Did you ever release that race track?

You guys ready to party or what?


Portrait mode for Ultimate Boxing anyone?

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I personally don’t like portrait modes .–.
(But it looks cool for sure, I’m sure others would like it)

btw is there a way to switch back to normal, horizontal mode, even if the game’s set to portrait mode by default?

Can’t you just rotate your phone?

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It didn’t work for the Egg Hunt

A developer can choose to lock it to portrait mode or allow the user to have dynamic screen orientation.

Egg Hunt had dynamic screen orientation!

If it doesn’t work for your phone (easy to test), you should file a bug report.


How could I test it? Where? I’m pretty sure I tried it in Egg Hunt, but I’m not 100% sure.

Edit: nvm!
I just tested it on one of the games and it all works.