What are you working on currently? (2018)

Working on assets

Had the idea of a zombie treadmill power generator
you’ll rope the captured zombie on to this and he’ll walk endlessly toward the cardboard cut out robloxian >:D
(until he dies of hunger, then you’ll lose your power source and have to find a new one)


But zombies don’t need food, they’re undead.

Not necessarily, that’s only one perspective of what a zombie would be.
Some “zombies” in sci fi are just mutated humans, sorta like a worse version of the rabies virus with other degenerative brain issues(like in I Am Legend)

I kinda needed a way to make the machine not too overpowered so to speak anyways

Quick placeholder logo for this project.

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Getting closer to that new engine~~


Some progress on APSoccer’s stadium:


Made a game in 7 days! Working on it today to get a decent-sized content update out with a bunch of bug fixes and UX/UI improvements, especially for first time UX.


will there be an option to increase the angle of the track? I personally really struggle with the depth in these games!

-2 hours of moving GUIs later-

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Do you feel the tropical breeze? :palm_tree:


A new railway station for the game Steam Age. Never made a station design like this before and I’m pleased with the results of it!


I’ll see what I can do, there’ll be a feature later on that relies on a lower track angle, or the ability to see through the track. If it helps accommodate players better, it’ll be worth a shot since it’s still early in development!

Update on this project: I’ve got a GUI now:

Some parts of the GUI aren’t scripted yet (speedometer, camera, delete button) but the core functionality is there. All of the movable handles are orthographic projections of 3D objects made using GUI Frames. In other train games, such as MSTS, the throttle and reverser controls are bound to separate keys, but in this GUI I have managed to bind them to the same keys by notching the throttle once the reverser is in a direction. This means the throttle and reverser are bound together when using keyboard input, but players can still manipulate them independently with the mouse. The GUI is recycled from an earlier failed train chassis that I made to try and replace an older one. The new chassis was difficult to install and never gained traction. I am hoping that the realism and quality of this chassis will put the old “A-Unit Update” chassis to bed.

Not seen is the ability to transfer instructions between other cars and locomotives. Locomotives can talk to each other to allow a single driver to control several locomotives connected together. Using the same system, all cars in a train can have their brakes applied at the same time (in real life, these are totally separate systems, but it’s quite convenient to bundle them together in a video game) which is something that the failed chassis had, but it failed so by-and-large roblox trains are either not braked or are treated as a locomotive (which is equally as unrealistic as having no brakes).

Once the GUI is complete I will be adding sound effects to accentuate using it as well as more sound effects on the locomotive itself to tell users what it is doing and make it sound more like a real locomotive.


Stone processor machine for my project
Hopefully it isn’t too derpy looking :man_shrugging:


working on some neat physics for a new game


The town for ATF7 is complete! We’re working on the rest of the map now


Finished a new map for Aegis Beta for the Endless gamemode that’s coming SoonTM.

Rendered Mini Map

Some things to note: The base floor of the island was quickly made by using triangle studio and then converted to smooth terrain, then mountains were placed using my mountain creator thing I made a while back. My custom bspline road thing was used to cut and level terrain for automatic road placement. I then used my foliage placer thing to spawn assets on the map depending on the material the ray hit and its altitude. Finally the map was rendered using my ray based renderer that uses distributed clients on the local machine paired with a local python http server to create the high res mini map (8k).


How large is the map?

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:0 dude that’s awesome

10k x 10k studs. I optimized by shooting rays all over the map and removing the terrain under where it hits, as to create just a thin layer of terrain, the map file size was reduced 40% from this.