What are you working on currently? (2019)

Glad I could help! It looks great, and now Blender isn’t as intimidating!

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“Madman With a Wooden Bucket on His Head Unleashes Chaos on the Local Townsfolk”




Is it just me or does that look very similar to BlenderGuru’s tutorial?:

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Yes. Yes it does lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hard to tell due to small phone screen but…am I just sleep deprived or did I see my avatar as one of the NPCs o:

The post said I was learning Blender, just illustrating where I am on my journey.

My latest project!


Just finished my most time consuming map(on the right), for a update next month. I’ve raised my map standards a fair bit since just March of last year


If you ever think something you made is too violent, look up an old game called Bloodfest (might be broken due to FE).

It’s a gore-filled wave survival game that had been featured on Xbox in the first few months Roblox on Xbox had been available, which had still included the “no violence” rule in the featured games guidelines for Xbox.


Making improvements and changes to the menu in my upcoming flight simulator, AeroX: 84

Also beginning work on scripts and animations for our Boeing 757 that was recently finished. (Build & photos by xSpeedbird)


Nice! your models and UI look really clean.
I always love aviation games haha

There’s a difference between defending yourself against zombies and massacring innocents who are running away.

ScriptOn’s work is a marvel of technology, but unless Roblox makes options for 18+ games and such, you cannot have a GTA style game on Roblox.

Remember, GTA is still considered controversial. And it isn’t on a platform geared primarily towards children.

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Thanks! We recently spent some time to improve our building and UI skills.
Prior to this, I couldn’t make a UI that looked like what I had planned it to be, so it was definitely worth the time!

I prefer the one on the left.

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INFLUX Spaceport.

A space airline group with a game.

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too many hills in the midwest.

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Left is more accurate to real life though… Also where’s Alaska and Hawaii. >:C

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This would make more sense if the context was given lol. I don’t know that anyone can give proper feedback until then. The left looks more simplistic and flat, and the left looks more advanced but a tad cluttered. My opinion could completely change if I knew what these were.

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Did you mean the right? :thinking: