What are you working on currently? (2019)

I’ll be adding proper footplanting for this soon™.


How do you dynamically animate the character while walking if that makes sense? I haven’t been able to figure out how to do the cross leg animation when walking sideways, etc.

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You shot Quenty, Crazyman32 and Ozzypig! :scream:

Anyways good work! :+1:

11 hours later…

NPC’s glitch a lot less, perform a lot better (running 250 in this demo), respond to nearby threats by running, ragdolls made instantaneous, and the character/weapon system has been worked on a bunch. Results are much more violent experiences!


I spent the last few months making this. It is for a game I have been making for over a year and a half now. It was the second game I ever made so its idea is really dumb but ever since I started to work on the second update I thought I could make it really good. Now I feel taped to complete it and because of the story, there is no way I could play it out without cut-scenes. But as you can see I reek at making them and it takes 3 months and I still am not finished. I am over a year over my deadline and I only got 6 more cut scenes to go(this is my first). Anyway, I am just gonna shut up now and let you watch it:


It was really hard to capture a gif of this little guy… He kept flying out of view. WIP, still needs to be textured.
I’m using my new found knowledge of bezier curves to create a random flight path and worked out how to get it to face the way it is flying!

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Finished texturing the variants!

Feel free to support the tweet :slight_smile:


Hi, I am now working on my bus sim (I may make trains in the future) - Sunshine Islands, a city based on Hong Kong.
The whole map, all the script and UI are built by me while all buses are built by my friends.

Sunshine Islands Street Map

A ingame minimap

It would show your location (red pin) and what bus routes in each station

A local guide system

There is a local guide system so you can follow the arrows, find the stops easily.

Some cool area I have built

I am also going to rebuild some area I built long time ago and rebuild the GUIs and make them more easy to use.

Some rebuilt process


Do you really it’s okay to make something like this…? This video legit shows mass murdering and shooting. I get that there’s more shooting games on Roblox but this video just shows a maniac unrelentlessly killing people for no reason.


:eyes: Starting to build up the city and some of the surrounding land areas.

Was originally pretty worried that the road would be boring and simple but after adding a few locations it’s turning out ok.


pretty pretty map!

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Really awesome work you are doing in 2019. :+1:

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I have been working on a city game called Metropolis. It’s been in limbo for a while but I want to finish the game one day.

Currently working on this little town of magic!


Learning blender to keep up with the ever growing skill level of Roblox developers :slight_smile:

Thanks @Lentzified,@nurgenius & @GuestCapone for your showcases & @ScriptOn’s latest project for inspiring me.


Looks neat! Just gonna put this out there: that was a paid asset pack from the unity store. I just placed an the modular pieces together and scripted some road gen stuff. I didn’t actually build the assets themselves.


Not surprised at all by that. You’re a coder, not a modeler… Speaking of coding, you still using CFrame animations or did you ever make a switch to Roblox animations?

@Blue101black Ah yes the infamous Andrew Price doughnut tutorial! Looks good so far, don’t forget to post renders of it when you’re done! If you’re ever looking to get a quickstart on learning the rest of Blender, BornCG is a good place to start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lY6KPrc4uMw&list=PLda3VoSoc_TR7X7wfblBGiRz-bvhKpGkS

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Lot’s of effort into replication! Wasn’t looking forward to it but it turned out pretty well! Focused on making sure absolutely everything feel like it was really happening in your world (and not have glitches, out of sync physics interactions, etc…).

End result is lots of love spent on the little things like replicated weapon recoil and making ragdolls respond instantly to other players interacting with them (either by shooting them or by running them over).


17 days later…

Ton of progress made, everything is replicating properly, players can ride with friends, custom PoV camera in, mobile support added, some cool blackout effects being worked on that is based on acceleration, and there is wind sounds now. Around 3 months ahead of deadline as well, so it’s going great :sweat_smile:


I’m learning some Blender this year! Started in around October, now I’m about to release a combat testing for my rag-tag team of Alpha Testers!