What are you working on currently? (2022)


Working on one of the maps of my Round Game.


I am currently working on a new game called TimePVP. Spent a lot of time with @NotFaykingBtw, @TheDiamondKing_21 and @lieliedash2.

Trying to get it out before May, no screenshots provided as we are redoing the map lol.


So sorry for the late reply friend!

Yes it is a spy/military drone, thanks for feedback! And I use Studio for like 99.5% of my builds because I’m absolute trash when it comes to Blender lol.

I’m working on a game called glitch park.
Devlog: Glitch Park - DevLog #1

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Remodeled from 0 to its previous versions, including all the Bodywork and Interiors :red_car:


Made this build a bit ago for someone

Original Post: Made a Dance Studio a bit ago


XENOFEST! Now with Laser Cannons, Heavy Snipers and enemies that I am actively attempting to make as annoying as possible (see : Mini Leapers / killer jelly beans)

Now I really need to work on progression instead of spawning a bunch of enemies and fighting them in my own game.


I’ve seen these post with ur XENOFEST! It might be a good game!

tree made in prisma 3d in phone


Mining slums

part count ~5000

play ingame


the chevy logo



Here’s a link to the game if you want to try it out. Hectic Household - Roblox
Just be aware that the game is very much still in development, I haven’t added mobile support, and the controls are very unrefined. Also it is much more fun with others players, however I haven’t launched the game yet, so there won’t be anyone else in the game.

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Data Packs, Themes, and Accessibility :sparkles:

You know what’s cool? me because i’m Dawgcool13 The ability for anyone to play any game, regardless of whatever circumstances they’re in. Unfortunately, making a accessible game is incredibly difficult (especially on Roblox), and requires good design from the start. What I’ve done should help with the whole process of making my game accessible!

Data Packs!

Almost every asset in my game is now loaded through a data pack. That means I can swap out textures for another (and maybe let the player change the textures as well). IF my game ever gets close to release, which probably won’t happen as I don’t have any real plans on what this game actually will be, I’ll add colorblind friendly textures through data packs.

These data packs take almost no time to load. Assets are only preloaded once every data pack is applied.

For example, every asset in the game is loaded through the pack below. Try and figure out how I get the AssetID for each item. As a hint, know that in the future, items will be on a spritesheet and will need to reference the same asset efficiently. :wink:

As for the override part, look at the image below and try to guess what item is being overridden. The answer is the items being organized on this post.



Themes are also relatively important when it comes to user experience, as well as accessibility. Below are all of the themes I have made.

High Contrast

Dark why does it look so ugly please someone suggest a good color scheme


These accessibility features, as well as any potential future ones, will be free! (edit: The reason why I’m putting this here is because I’ve seen some developers, both on- and off- Roblox, charge for features that improve accessibility. Not that I have any plans on monetization or releasing this, anyways.)

Accessibility is tough. You need to design your game to be accessible before you even start with the game itself, otherwise your attempts at making an accessible game become hacked in and not that useful.


Within 9 days… :eyes:


Just got a karambit irl because why not? [Ignore the shadows and bad image quality]

Karambit irl

Since I have never modeled a knife with a real-life reference I decided to. Of course, it’s not done as it needs many more improvements including,

  • shading
  • finishing the back
  • making the back look better
  • texturing
  • turning some geometry into normals
  • just finishing it

I need to fix this


it looks really nice but I’ve noticed the textures look really pixelated, did you create them at a higher quality and just compressed them so it would take less memory?

Working on getting better at scripting, mostly things like body part gore, raycast, inverse kinematics, or just getting more organized :slight_smile:

I made a windows XP computer for my new game. The desktop wallpaper is a recreation of bliss made in ms paint with only colours from the default pallete. I think it resulted in a cool aesthetic.


Cool, just made a tutorial post on DeepMotion!