What are your cinema 4d render settings?

Hi! I am a gfx artist and am wondering what render settings other people use for their GFXs.

I use 1920 x 1080 for thumbnails and 300 resolution. I also use ambient occlusion and global illumination. For the effects, I also use a Lightroom for my GFXs as well. The render comes out looking really clean and crisp.

I use a HDTV 1080 29.27 preset with a 72 resolution.
For Anti-Aliasing, I set it to Best, 2x2 for Min Level, then 16x16 for Max Level.
I set it to Physical, making the Sampler Adaptive and Sampler Quality High.
I set the Ambient Occlusion to the highest Maximum Samples it can handle.
I add Light Mapping and Irradiance Cache to Global Illumination.
I finally add Caustics making it as best as possible.

Depending on the GFX, it may take hours to render but the quality is borderline Realism.

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Wow! Normally rendering one character takes 30 seconds to a minute. But the longest render I had was 4 hours…

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