What are your thoughts on this map?

Tell me what you think:


based on what Iā€™m seeing so far it gives me the feel of a more modern simplistic style obby.

all in all it looks nice In my opinion.
good job.

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Looks great, I like that gradient you have underneath the islands, it transitions nicely into the dirt. Some things that I think could improve the build further could be some simple trees, tall grass parts sticking up occasionally, rocks or flowers on the side of the path, etc. The trees could be on the edge of the island so it doesnt block the view of the surface guis.

The connecting path between the two islands could be a bridge, maybe a wooden one, with supports built into the sides of the islands.

Hope this helped, good luck on your project.

If your going for the cartoonish feel, its kinda lacking some props, still very good tho, but if u want it to be realistic, not the right way your going rn.