What attempt can I make to make my game looking sweet?

this is my first topic in #help-and-feedback:building-support, what this topic is that I can’t find ways of making my builds look unique instead of bland and nothing. How are players supposed to be entertained?

What is game about?

To get recruiting in groups who hire out to make games / program, offer, etc

Screen shots

I dont suggest using the same materials on the floors and ceilings(sometimes you can get away with this but not with the fabric material). I also think you should maybe divide what looks to me like a big room, into smaller areas. Hope this helps

didn’t i say about recruiting or simular?

Hey fellow developer,

I recommend adding what the other developers above me have said. I also recommend adding some baseboards on your walls and add door frames. Have a nice one!

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If your game is about a house, office or something like that, I recommend you put other more striking materials such as marble for your floor and concrete or brick for the walls, it will give a more realistic touch and finally put small trees, paintings, armchairs and more furniture, good use it in your game good luck

would this be appropriate doing this whilst waiting to hire out for dev?
the theme should be relaxing and fun because what else will keep everyone in-game?

Well it looks good, however responding to your answer because what leaves the players entertained is what the game will contain, that is, things that it has and not for them to entertain, it also has a lot of gameplay and game performance, If it is slow or if it is very good, consider this as advice because if the performance weighs some players will get bored because they will not be able to explore the map very well and they will leave, so check carefully what you add to your map and if it is acceptable go ahead good luck

I think you can make it better by adding more details as the build itself looks really empty. Also the ceiling should be a different material, same as walls. For the walls you can use concrete and about the ceiling probably wood. Filling it up with things will be more pleasing for the player, such as paintings on the walls, maybe even a fireplace around there. You can add TVs, flower pots, some windows, bookshelves, etc.

Isn’t group recruiting plaza already a thing?

Honestly, you got to add detail into the place. Looks quite bare.

If you have no idea what to add to increase the aesthetic and attractiveness of the room, you could always look up references on google. I always do that when I run out of ideas and it always help, maybe add a skirting board and etc.

Maybe add some decorations such as some plant life.