What Body Movers Must i use for a Plane Physic and how to script they?

I am actualy making a game with planes but i don’t know what body movers i must use to make a plane physic and how i am supposed to script they.

I saw on this forum that you can use a BodyGyro and a BodyVelocity but it didn’t work for me.
it can fly but control are inverted sometime , the plane get stuck when i try to do a loop and rarely it
start go at light speed in every directions and kill me.

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You could maybe use a BodyPosition.

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if you wanna go for realism you gotta have body force and body angular velocity. Regarding how the mass should be you want your wings to be big and thin while your mass be at the bottom of the plane

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hi ,
so i try use your plane physic with a Body Force and a Body Angular Velocity and i have some problems. now the plane work but… it move strangely.
sometime it do a loop while taking off and i can’t control it when it fly.
as you can see in this video , i try to go up but the plane just start doing down and crash into the void.

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You are accelerating it imporperly

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Check this out


i try the place with the link in the desc but that’s not that type of plane i want
look how it turn: https://streamable.com/i1fnoc
i want a reallistic physic and your first idea was looking great

a physic like in plane crazy : https://streamable.com/89st7b
very realistic

Add dampening to the wings then