What can I add next to my obby?

I have had a game idea and now making it, its a obby but each stage is more bigger than what normal lobby level is as each level has a small map each, here is the current progress i want feedback on the map in general and what obstacles to add:

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 15.25.25


Maybe more levels with different styles.
Also I suggest you change the water material as well as change the material of the tree leaves to grass instead of smooth plastic and make them MeshParts.

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Very nice, I like that it isn’t just a bland invisible barrier, however; more details would be nice, and you should probably change the texture of the water to something more realistic and the trees should have a different texture and color because it doesn’t fit with the dark theme/it looks a bit plastic. Other than that, love the concept!

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Great design, I like how it has a few unique levels instead of hundreds of generic stages. Add more unique and different obstacles. As long as you keep things fresh and original, you should be good. Try adding moving or spinning platforms to make your levels more challenging and creative. Powerups and other rewards might also work, but that depends on your game. Great job and continue to think outside the box.


I like how you have a box design, where there could be different biomes symbolizing different levels. If you’ve ever played Speed Run 4, I like how it has those different biomes, like caves, plains, deserts, and more. So I’d continue with that idea! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The current idea i have is to make every level different biomes/genre’s. E.g i am thinking of adding a space level and a desert level.

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