What can I add to my game Spaceship Simulator?

I am currently working on a game called Spaceship simulator and I don’t know what to add to it. It is of course a meme game, totally not to hide my terrible game designing abilities…
And I am having a hard time finding something to add. Generally, my starting ideas have been implemented and I just need ideas for new items or just a completely new update. The game also has an updates board.

I just need ideas.
So if you’ve got any, let me know. You can of course play the game and chat with me if you want; like every post that I’ve made :slight_smile:

What has been suggested so far by you guys (either in game or as a reply):
-Late game item: super health decreaser 3000 (multiplies profits of drinking and eating by 1.5)
-Basement with late-game stuff
-Museum with “look at old stuff” sign
-Community missions (per server)
-Power room (think of like a core as in a reactor core game)
-Made the title less chaotic

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Missions, such as “fix the reactor core” or “carry out this experiment” instead of just free roam. That’s my opinion though.

Ooo, that may actually be a good idea for a complete update . I think i will do that. But maybe like that it would be a community mission.

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i recommend you to add a maintenance room (if you didn’t already)

Yeah, the engine room. Although, like a power room is also needed. And the engine room needs a function apart from the ship music center (products). Any ideas?

if you want something just for the joke:
add a door that when you open it you fall out of the spaceship
if you want something not for the joke:
if this is an among us type game (i came up with that from the spaceship design) you should add the imposters from the original game

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Already exists!

It isn’t, sorry to disappoint you if I did.

Again, check if what you have suggested hasn’t been suggested before or isn’t already in the game!

I probably wont be adding that. Although, maybe an idea for ALOT later.

well if you wanna add “violence” (in apostrophes because i’m unsure if it really is violence) you could add fighting stuff like fistfights or something

Also just another thing, the grammar. For example, the title looks very unattractive to me (not sure it is for anyone else haha)

For example, change:




Obviously go through everything to make sure it’s up to standard, not just the title.

It’s very little but makes the difference.

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I was thinking of removing the extra stuff and putting it into the description