What can I add to my game to make it more enjoyable?

Hey! I own a club, and I think it works great, but it is missing something. I feel like it needs to have a few more features that will benefit the player, and the best people to ask are, well the players, so I ask you for support. What should I add/change to the game?

I want to achieve a game that everyone can enjoy. I wan’t it to have good environment, community, and make good memories. Those are the only reasons I make games, for good memories. I want the best experience for all my players, and if you can reply what I should add/remove/change, that would be a big help

My issue is the game feels bland. I wan’t it to catch on, and to make memories, but it feels a bit of a bland experience. I want it to differentiate from the other club-like games.

I have tried to add more new features, and some cool things to do, but it still seems basic. I need a few new things to make it “My club game” opposed to "Those club games.


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A shift to sprint feature is fun in most games, despite maybe not needing it. Also, in the game description, possibly add an epilepsy warning, because some users might not realize it has strobing lights and flashing camera. Also, a custom chat and emojis might make the game more enjoyable to chat in. Just some suggestions. Maybe add a minigame for people to team up and play together?

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Thanks! I will be sure to add these!

You could add daily rewards and a shop where players can buy glow sticks, effects, trails. Minigames and if the player wins then they get cash or something.

Hope this helped!:grinning:

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Thanks! That does seem cool! I will be sure to work on these!

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In my opinion, the whole “club” Roblox genre seems to have decreased in popularity due to the whole thing being notorious to be “online dating breeding grounds”, and the gameplay being pretty boring without friends. I think the main problem with club games in my opinion is just the lack of actual gameplay, since all you do is sit down and do some dances while talking to some friends. Club games aren’t inherently bad, its just that because of the lack of actual activities to do other than talk can be really bland. Though, I agree with @PepperGV3 with adding minigames into the mix, as it could really spice things up. Just remember that some games aren’t for everyone, and that certain demographics and audiences might not be interested. That being said, good luck on your game. Don’t take my criticism the wrong way, it’s just my two-cents.


I personally don’t think minigames in a club game would work, unless it’s some sort of side room.

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I agree, it’s just that Club games could have a lot more features and content to make it a lot more exciting than it is right now.

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