What can I add to my islands?

I’m building some desert islands but idk what to add.

It’s so empty. What can I add or improve this?


You should add some animals like a horse a coyote road runner


Maybe some tents and a campfire!


I should’ve mentioned I don’t want to add animals because then I need to find free models, I have no idea how to build animals.


First of all, wonderful build.

Second; you could add a little hut maybe some clouds or things such as a blimp to fill up the empty space you have at the moment around the islands. Another suggestion is adding a few smaller islands with other props on them s.a a cactus, possibly a waterfall falling down or even a hill.

It does depend on what kind of purpose this map will have; decoration purposes, swordfight, RPG etc.
If you do want to fill up the islands I’d suggest looking at some refference images on the internet.

Keep up the wonderful work!


It looks okay, but it needs way more details. I think I see a car in there, maybe add some abandoned buildings?


I would probably have a small abandoned house. The first thing I think of is the wild west. you could also maybe add a couple barrels or hay stacks

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Tumbleweeds would look cool.

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Skulls or skeletons of dead animals/weird rock formations

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It’s quite simplistic since it’s not much needed within the terrain. The island looks small so I wouldn’t expect a bunch of details covering the entire terrain part.

You don’t want to overdo the details if you plan on adding sorting objects; i would recommend adding things that fits the overall design. There is little details around the area, to give the scene a more decent feel. Why not place dried trees with dusty rocks just to give the terrain a little more depth. Some different shapes of rocks/trees and dried grass would also make it fit the style.

My small recommendation, would be just adding little details, and making vegetation that’ll fit the scene desert places don’t feature little to no details it just needs a minimum of props I’ll look at real life images to gather similar ideas and see which ones look good to you. Otherwise you could just about add anything related to a (desert Island).

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I have decided to make this a little campsite, thanks for the suggestion!

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You could make the terrain less flat with some mounds of sand or more rocks scattered about. Maybe something like a camp or an oasis would look neat too.


A wooden carriage, and maybe try making the cactus not all the same? It will look more accurate since not all cactus pose the same

They seem fairly boring at the bottom, some roots or even a hidden cave can really add to a world, maybe also try triangular terrain for the bottoms

Add some general things you find in a desert, you can add some pyramids if you’d like.

@XxRainejoy21xX @budmomo @Anthony2003Epic

I have already finished building these islands a few days ago!

The game link is here if you want to check it out:

Thanks for the advice tho!

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Background looks a bit empty, also maybe add a cowboy or something.
Edit: Terrain instead of flat ground would look a bit better :upside_down_face:

I have already stated that I already finished building these islands. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.


Lots of clashing styles, the islands are ok but id try and continue the blocks so it comes to a point instead of ending with some thin bricks, also maybe make the ones with tents larger so the tents dont get in the way of the zip lines, also the fire guis are ok but they ruin the vibe, maybe just make it click instead of using a gui, also theres lots of free models, Im not against free models but when they dont fit the style they stick out, aside from those things youve got the ground works for an amazing showcase

I’d add just a little bit more detail, such as some dried out life, this could include plants etc,

I’d also suggest adding some barriers around the rocks to prevent people from falling out of the map.

But I really do like this sort of idea, Goodwork!