What can I add to my simple restaurant?

Hello there,
Currently I am making a simple restaurant but I’m not sure what to add to my restaurant as decoration.

Link to the game: Restaurant - Roblox

It’d be nice if you rated my interior design (x/10)


Pictures, Plants,dividers between tables (when you fit them) to create secluded areas, lighting areas for effects to create atmosphere. Perhaps some NPCs sitting and eating.


Hi there Hexlinee!

First off, I’ll give you my ideas and thoughts the design aspects of a well-done restaurant. But it’d be really great if you could describe the style and theme you are going for (Italian, sushi, American, french, high-class, fast-food, what not, etc.)

So I’ll go over exterior design, front of house, and back of house and what you can to build off what you have.

Exterior Design
I notice that you are going for a simple restaurant, I believe this reflects well on a local place. Local sit-down restaurants typically accompany outdoor seating under an awning. You may also include a restaurant sign on the front of the building and a menu near the door. You may also want to define some shape into making the building taller even if it’s one floor. As far as windows go, I recommend elevating them off the ground and dividing them. I also strongly recommend double doors, because the symmetry is more appealing and a large entrance is more welcoming. Other details to add: plants, lights, non-can-collide door.

Reference picture:

Front of House
The front of house is the most important part of the design in my opinion. Here you want a strong atmosphere, but that entirely depends on what food the restaurant is known for and the overall theme you want. Going off of what you have now, you should have a host stand near the door and various seating places. Separate the room up a bit, but keep it open. So add dividers or columns where booths can be placed, but don’t create a lot of walls. The lighting should also be spaced out throughout the room, and given a more defined structure.


Anyway, Best of luck on your creation! I wrote a lot, but I hope some of the things you found useful.
Back of House
If you want to include this aspect in your design, some important features in a kitchen and service area include the following: prep area, large sinks, stoves, double-door ovens, vents, plating area, walk-in cooler and freezer, ice machine, countertops, storage.


Try adding shelves and cashiers. Also experiment with lighting, like above, making lights which look more detailed. I understand it might be simple but even detailing it a bit can go a long way. Try adding a structure to you window (currently its just a 1 brick glass which is boring) like this: image

Id rate it 4/10 atm, however if you improve what me and others above have told you it could get a 8.

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Your restaurant is a good start, for know just like @greatgavin said what style and theme are you going for so others could know what restaurant your going for. Here is a couple of things to add to your restaurant to look more decent!!

I have notice that your restaurant, doesn’t have that much details to it however most restaurant have different kinds of floors and. Walls you could maybe! change the floor to a more wooden material and add some more windows and dividers on the building and add some potted plants, shelves, chairs, tables, lights on ceiling, ect. To look more decent and have more open space to. Add more details to it and as said above, you could add one of those “Host Stand” near the door and add different seating like booths placed, down in other areas!! and for simple restaurant, you may want to inlcude some seating outside a, sign, menu…

Inside Design
If your going with a more smaller restaurant. Add some tables, chairs, pictures, potted tree plant, trash can ect. I would recommend you add some details onto the tables like some napkins, salt shakers, pepper shakers, plates, forks, knives, glass cups, little details. And add one of those white table cloths under the awning to look more like a restaurant! however on what style your going for consider looking, at different restaurants. To get a idea on which theme you want as said above American, french, fast-food, italian,?

Front Design
In the front of the restaurant. I would recommend you add some little bushes, flowers, rocks, trash cans, grass, ect. And for the windows on the front of the building! make the windows a little tall and divide them. I would also recommend you add some lights, on the front of the building and the inside add lighting in different. Areas that is spaced out all over the room part!!

Overall, good job on your creation hope to see the final build, from you very soon.

Some details to add in the kitchen area, if you implement that into your restaurant include some: Freezers, fryers, ice machine, oven, ranges, work tables/stands, sinks, holding cabinets, refrigerators, oven griddle, steamers, grills