What can I improve for my GFX

What are your thoughts on these two (the first one I made using a tutorial, for those interested here is the link, this guy has really good tutorials):

Already spoke to some dudes and we agreed for the second photo that I needed to use more subdivisions and reduce the reflectiveness. There was also a slight issue with the cloth.

But let me know your thoughts.


Yeah, the guy you spoke to is correct. Try and get that specular down and learn your maps.
Texture Maps: The Ultimate Guide For 3D Artists here’s a great resource for you to get started. Lighting is your best friend here, so it’s good to get used to working with it from the start.

Keep it up!

The GFX is really amazing!
Here is what you can improve:

  • For the first one, the background is nice, maybe you can add some other things, cause it looks a bit plain.

  • For the second one, the rocks look a bit too shiny.

Overall, great job! The art is really nice.