What can I improve in my realistic-looking game?

Lately I’ve been working on a game called “pool” and I have been looking for ways in order to improve the game and make it more realistic. I’ve asked a bunch of friends and they all said it looked realistic, however I feel like there’s more room for improvement and hidden ways to make the game even more realistic than what it is, so I’m asking you all.

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I’d love to hear everyone’s suggestions on how to improve this game in general.
If you’d like to play the game, click here.
Thank you!


Those buildings in the distance don’t look that good and it lacks a thing like it’s not giving the vibe. Maybe depth of field? And the trees look too dark.

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You could add fake fog on top of real fog aka smoke particles

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particles, and custom textures. You can also add perhaps a some stains, dirt, wear, on the concrete. More props around the pool be better, it looks plain, a bit too plain.