What can I improve on in my artwork?

What can I improve on in my illustration? (Excluding background, the background is just a placeholder rn).


I don’t mean to offend you or the person in the picture or anything, but I think the character looks too fat, also the ears don’t fit in, everything else is actually pretty dang cool imo


Thanks, sorry I have a tough time shading black, the point when the checkerboard stops on the right arm, (your left) is where the arm finishes. But I can’t seem to add depth to that because the shirt is really really pure black, I try going off black, but then it doesn’t look the same.

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The character just looks fatter than what it should be… other than that this looks INSANELY good.

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I think it looks great! I would just make the body a bit thinner and maybe do a different eye style? But those are just minor opinionated flaws. If I was the commissioner right now, I would be more than satisfied!

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I’m not an artist but I can say these things:

  1. That tongue… I’m gonna have a hard time sleeping now
  2. The ears look weird, they shouldn’t go on a Roblox character
  3. The character, excluding the head, looks rushed.
  4. Add a watermark before your stuff gets stolen.
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Don’t worry about the watermark because it’s not the final design, I’ve made some changes thank you all! <3

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