What can I improve on my game?

Hello, this is the newest game i made:

It’s basically a funny game like " Wait 4 hours to leave a room " and other funny game ideas.

I need a lot of feedback, hope this topic can be popular!

Feedback on games goes in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations, game design support is for technical concerns. Please read the category guidelines in the future before posting.

As for the feedback itself, the room is quite plain and it’s not actually a room given it has no ceiling or a proper floor (not sure if it’s supposed to be a room).

The lighting seems a bit dark, you could add more light sources when you add the ceiling.

Also you may want to hide the spawn locations and add some ambient sounds.

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Thumbnails are everything for games. there help you get more place visits,likes etc. I recommend you work on making a better thumbnail

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maybe add badges or some other system so there are goals/achievements in the game that users will want to get and will end up playing for longer or want come back again. Or you could design the room to be more interesting and have other things to do so players don’t get bored. At the moment people will play for around 30 seconds and leave, without thinking about the game ever again. Also maybe hide the spawns or have only one that is smaller - they are not nice to look at.

Hope this helped in some way, good luck with your game :two_hearts: