What can I improve with my GFX?

This one was for a profile picture, and was my first with rigging and
better understanding of blender.

This one was for a game icon of an army I’m building up, I tried finding
ways to make the transition of ground to hdri better but I didn’t know how
to make it smooth as possible.

Regard any questions to jadenn#0420
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Make sure that you make your background transparent, no one uses HDRI’s for their background. The rigging on both icons is bad, a lot of things are heavily rotated that don’t need to be. Bending limbs must look natural and flow with the character, otherwise if you have rig adjustments, it will ruin the entire icon. You added a plane but nothing else. Make sure that whatever terrain image you use on your plane, that it physically represents it. This means adding cloud displacement with subdivision surfacing and if you have the bump image texture of the .diff texture then you can add even micro displacement. Another thing to take into consideration is your camera angle, rotate your camera around, and try different perspectives until you find the one that matches what you are making. The last advice that I can give is to make sure that you camera perspective fulfills its purpose. You have a lot of empty space that does nothing, especially in the second icon where half of the icon is a sky. You render your scene without the sky, and then add in a background from google afterwards, or if you are like me can install photoshop brushes and paint your own sky background.


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Backgrounds are slightly off. They just seem like a floor with some texture with a picture as the sky. Posing of the character is good! And the lighting seems good too! In conclusion, this is pretty good, although the background needs some altering.

Okay, I saw someone reply with a long paragraph and I really don’t want to read it but imo it’s very empty.
Maybe add props, also as for the poses I can see you don’t really know what to do so I suggest looking at other people’s gfx to get a little bit of inspiration.
Other than that I really like it, the quality is immaculate.

The first one looks great, but for the second one, you should make the hair a little darker.