What causes a game to crash?

Hey everyone!

Lately I’ve been working on some new content for my current project Foam Frenzy. I’ve been getting many complaints of crashing (seemingly at random times and across different devices), despite the game not having noticeable lag or FPS drops. I’ve determined it’s a client side problem since individuals crash, rather than all/multiple of the server’s players crashing at once. I want to have these issues fixed before pushing out the new update.

I’d greatly appreciate if anyone could list potential causes (in general), tools for debugging, as well as good practices to prevent crashing, thanks!

(I’m already aware of avoiding while loops, disconnecting unused connections, and have checked thoroughly for backdoors)

There are many good ways to debug, go in game and type “/console” or:

You will be able to see what scripts are using a lot of resources, etc, etc…
You could also set up a logging system.

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