What causes CURL error 52? (server returned nothing)


When I send a JSON encoded version of a table of the user’s saved items through PostAsync it gives me this error, but when I send a blank table it works. What could be causing this?


Where are you sending? The error itself (more of a warning than an error) just means that the server sent back a completely empty HTTP response.


Perhaps its what you’re sending? can you give an example json that you send?

Is it your own server or datastores? if its your own server, what are you using for an external website?


It’s an external server. I believe that it’s actually something to do with my host throttling certain IPs after they send a certain amount of requests because servers work fine when they first start and then they start sending this error left and right. I’m using GoDaddy for hosting, and I’ve read up and seen that a lot of people are getting this problem with their service, I might have to switch hosts.


I’d recommend renting a VPS, and running your own web servers, the only limit you get is bandwidth, which you usually get way more than enough. If you are unsure how, i could help you set one up.