What causes "Game may not function as intended"

Sometimes on Roblox I like to look at small games and many of them say “Game may not function as intended.”

  1. Who determines this
  2. What are the requirements
    3.Does it impact gameplay or popularity

I’m not sure tbh, but i’m going to assume it’s game that were not updated after FE released. I could be dead wrong though.

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  1. Roblox determines when and why this message shows up.

  2. The main requirement is that you game must be FilteringEnabled. Even if your game is FilteringEnabled, this message will show up on your place until it receives 1 visit. After the first visit, Roblox recognises that your game is FilteringEnabled and therefore will not show the message anymore.

  3. This will only impact your game popularity if your game is incompatible with FilteringEnabled. This is because Roblox does not show games that are not FilteringEnabled on their front pages. If Roblox has recognised your game as FilteringEnabled, the message will be removed. As I said, it will recognise after the first visit into the game. Since almost all game developers now make their games FilteringEnabled, it most likely won’t impact game popularity and gameplay time.

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What is Filtering Enabled? Do you mean the chat?
How do you enable it?

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Cool! Is this enabled by default?

Yes, FilteringEnabled is enabled by default.

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Thanks! This really sorted out my queries.