What causes more lag for building worlds, a world made of parts or a world made by terrain?

I was making a world with terrain and I had noticed there was severe lag with the world. Perhaps the world was large, but we are considering to remake the world with parts. So what cause more lag in building these worlds, parts or roblox terrain.


There’s a lot of variables to consider, such as how large of map you’re talking about, what style the map has, if there are any modes of transportation that work better with one or the other, etc. Terrain isn’t terrible, but neither are Parts.

Generally if you use StreamingEnabled, Terrain is fantastic in most situations, but that really depends on how your game’s code is organized and functions as StreamingEnabled can break some of those things.

Basically, we’d need more info (pictures, assets, etc) before we’d be able to give an informed opinion on one or the other.


We don’t really have any code implemented into the game. I would say when we started to face lag when I had added big chunks of land and started to work on the towns. By using StreamingEnabled help reduce the amount of lag faced? Or would using parts be better for the world overall or have the same results as by using terrain instead?

If you aren’t using any code and the player’s aren’t moving faster than normal, use Terrain and StreamingEnabled

The lag problem can come from many sources. If your world is big enough, you could chunk off areas of the map into different places and then use teleportservice to teleport players between the areas. This could also help with player density.

Yes, we are considering doing something like, I would think that’s the better option. But how would we chunk it off if the terrain is already built, and could we do it in the same world or have to make individual places and export what we have to those places?

Would this type of thing work for an adventure game? We plan to adding sprinting and fast movements possible as well, so would it still work then?

I would say a world made of parts, terrain could be less laggy. Depending if you have proper part terrain or mesh/union terrain. Also depending how big. Buildings/big parts close together can cause lag with rendering them quickly when you turn as well.

It depends. The way Streaming loads in chunks of assets means that if someone has a slow connection, they might reach the edge before the next chunk is loaded. You can increase the chunk size at the cost of having more memory use, since larger chunks are less performance friendly

To chunk off the terrain, you would make a copy of the place with all the terrain, and then delete everything not in a certain chunk for each area. Then you would export each area to its own place

Ok I understand! Thanks for the information.

So you would suggest a world of parts, rather then terrain?

Okay, so we have decided to make the world out of parts. Thank you all for responding to us and giving us advice on how to build the world and with lag.