What Class is this game using

I’m trying to re-make this iron man simulator game (Iron Man Simulator - Roblox)
but i don’t know what their using to achieve this.

I want to know what they are using to make the parts fly to you.

and how it likes comes to you from the sky and such, that might be easy, placing the model in the sky, etc, but the physics with the part flying to you, i dont know how they do it.

fly to you/follow you

I could think of BodyPosition or RocketPropulsion.

hmmmmm I’ll take a look into it

Also look into the LinearVelocity constraint.

Pretty cool … Looks like tweens with
Enum.EasingStyle.Linear, – EasingStyle
Enum.EasingDirection.Out, – EasingDirection
Each part set, set to take off a bit off from each other.
Or just placed that way at their start (again as separate tweens)

That could come from any angle and do the same thing.

okay thank you for who responded, going to test.

they use AlignPosition to retract it onto your body.

this video can help u
Roblox - Ironman Tutorial (Part 1?) - YouTube

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BodyPosition is a deprecated feature.
I suggest using LinearVelocity, LineForce, VectorForce and such things.

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thank you people for helping, i got everything that i needed,
you can play my re-make here if you want.

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We can’t, the game is made private. I’ll check it out if you make it public.

fixed, game is not private anymore

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can u make it public again, I wasn’t available during it was public.

It is still public though. We found a few bugs, not sure if he fixed it cause I’m not sure how I broke it lol

Weird, I can play it though. Idk why you cant

its closed for maintenance i’ll be back soon.

the game will be closed and will be open/allowed to given individuals, why?
to prevent stealing, copyright, and skids.