What color should this wall be?

I’m basically making a little cafe but I can’t find a good color for the exterior. Any suggestions? (It’s part of a night-sort of city build) (its the grey part of the wall btw)

I would choose a color scheme for the entire restaurant. Since your furniture is grown, maybe something like beige to match well with it. I would experiment and see what looks best.

Finding a color pallet or scheme for your building really depends on the theme and style your building is set in i wouldn’t recommend making it a concrete color however if your starting with the foundation try incorporating dwood - white - brown - ect. Find ones that fit depending on the style.

If your creating a more restaurant cafe area you want more comfortable colors such as brown, white and white and more. Choosing the colors for your build can be quite difficult from the start! It really included on what type of style your going for. Modern, rustic, cartoony architecture, or something along the lines. As it would help you into picking the proper colors for specific area around your cafe.

Have you at least experiment with different colors or materials and see ones that fit the design? If not I would encourage you into looking into color pallet sites to help picking a color for the flooring, walls, building so on and so forth: paletton.com

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I think a dark olive green colour would do great with it.