What constitutes as "gambling" in the TOS?

I’ve read around on the forum and in the TOS & other posts about “gambling” content. From what I’ve read, people are saying luck based games (say for example, a game that you pay, say 3 of a stat for a chance to win, that does math.random(1, 10) and awards the user is seen as gambling, however its shown that Roblox allows “games of luck” that do not resemble or play as a real casino would. (like roulette or blackjack)

Specifically this chunk reads: “We allow unplayable gambling content (e.g., showing a casino or non-playable characters playing cards) as well as games of luck and chance that are not casino or gambling based.

I made a game where you put in x amount of a currency and it does math.random(1, 51) and if they player gets somewhere between 45-51, they play a bonus round which gives them a chance to earn between 2-15 times a different currency that is not purchasable. Would this be considered against the rules?


I would think not.

If you wanted to be very safe you could Use a service in scripting called PolicyService and prevent players who have ArePaidRandomItemsRestricted and prevent them from playing this game (or atleast this part of the game). Again would this be breaking that Policy I’m not sure, but it’s an extra safety thing and could prevent a lot of trouble. ArePaidRandomItemsRestricted Involve both In-experience currency and robux, and is used mostly for… random items. But you could argue that the multiplier is a “random” so it counts within it. Do I think you would get in big trouble if you didn’t do this? Nope. The worst thing I could imagine is Roblox forces people with ArePaidRandomItemsRestricted out of your game and they can’t join it. But it might be something to prevent any future trouble.


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