What could be causing my tank's side-to-side movement to be so buggy?

I have a tank system that works very very well when it is in its own place, but when I implement it into the main game it is meant for, it has severe issues moving side to side.

In the test place, here is how nicely it moves.

However, when I put it into the main game mentioned before, this is how it moves. It is buggy, doesn’t really follow your mouse, etc.

I did some investigating, and I saw that in the main game, the mouse’s movement is different and doesn’t really correlate to the true angle of the tank, as seen here) when you pay attention to the “TargetAngle” and the output here.

The “TargetAngle” and the output in the test place tell a different story, as seen here and here respectively.

What could be causing the issue?