What could be forcing my character to start facing -Z axis?

That’s the question. I anchor the horse so I can complete all the actions to mount it, then I unanchor and I always face the same direction. The primary part is the horse.

Every time! As soon as the anchor comes off, I specifically look that direction. If I turn the horse to face that way from the beginning, I do not turn at all.

What causes this? This is not in my scripts. Any ideas are welcome!

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Instead of anchoring the horse, try welding them together.


The anchoring serves a specific purpose. The horse itself is an incomplete skinned mesh avatar awaiting the “missing parts” of the player. If the horse moves while this assembly happens, the merge fails. The parts are help together with Motor6d.

The cart is pulled by physics only, held by ropes. I tried dumping the cart, but the turning still happens!

It is also missing its humanoid until the merge happens. This is to keep the character from dying when network ownership changes. That means there is no hipheight keeping the horse from falling into the floor.

Unfortunately, I can’t un-anchor it. Thanks for the suggestion though!