What Could Go Here?

Hello recently i have been trying to think of something that go in this barren area, but i couldn’t so i was wondering if you guys had any ideas.

The ideas don’t have to be snow related as this area turns back into grass in spring, if you have a snow related idea feel free to say it though.

Nothing much is here only a few benches and a campfire

Top View

Ground View




Tents and maybe some wood piles

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maybe you could add some igloos and blocks of snow making walls

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May I suggest a wood cabin where players may buy refreshments.


I’ll suggest that, you should try to make ski resort (Optional), Overall I suggest to make:

  • Small cabin near the campfire.
  • Adding more tree would be nice.
  • Add street lamp near the pathway.
    Another suggestion that I saw from the picture that’s making the water froze since its winter.
    Overall That’s all from my suggestion everything is good.
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you could try something like a grotto

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Hello i am not familiar with what a grotto is, could you explain it?

Since the Corn Maze, your builds have really improves. I do like your project.


I suggest adding more benches for in parks you won’t need to walk that far to the next bench.

The trees could have more leaves, though I like the style.

Yeah, more trees.

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Right now i am working on a tubing hill

Here is tubing

Hill ( Not Done )

its like a cottage but it’s covered in Christmas decorations and has a fire inside and a Christmas tree

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Here are some thing’s you could possibly add:
• Tents
• Grills
• Tables
• More benches
• Lanterns
• More tree’s
And many more.
So far your game looks super creative, and I can’t wait to see the finished product!
Keep up the amazing work.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!

The game is well never actually finished it just gets big updates alot I am working on a big update right now.

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  • leaves on the ground
  • street lamps
  • maybe some sort of a small playground?

Looks pretty good so far though, nice job.

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For the winter theme, you could use some trees with snow, igloos, and maybe some snowmen. Looks great so far!

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