What could i add more to this lobby?

I dont know if this is the right category, also this will only last for 25 seconds

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  • A voting system (if your game has different maps)
  • Some nice plant pots with saplings or whatever
  • Also that spawn looks kind of weird with this lobby…
  • Wall trims and moulding
  • Pillars
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Probably should make it transparent and delete the Decal of it.

Some art or decorations on the walls would look pretty nice, like portraits, in-game photos, GFXs and more.

thanks for the tips guys im gonna apply them

Making spawnpoint invisible will be good

I have a lot of suggestions for you :slight_smile:

First I would add stuff for the players to mess with as they are waiting:

Some ideas I came up with:

  • Small obby
  • Movable object
  • Falling tiles minigame

You could also make the spawnpoint a semicircle that sticks out of the ground a little bit:
You could also just turn it into a flat circle. What would be cool is if you made it a vent, but that would take a lot of time.

Finally, I would add some couches for players to sit on along with most of the stuff @grimmerschool2 said.

here is the upgrade

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i added a button that makes a ball appear

Is there wall trimming on the front or back of the room? I can only see it on the sides.

no, i’ll add it on the back and front too

I would also add a fish tank, fountain, or something in the middle. If you are putting a fish tank, fountain, or something that obstructs the spawn, you should put more spawn points all around. You could also put other objects in the middle to help fill in that space.

this is kind of meant to be a scary game, so what could i add, i already added a dead head in the trash bin

I have no idea if this is just me, but the lights look a bit off-centered. Sorry if I am sounding a bit annoying, but I feel like some players like me would get annoyed with this. It would make more light in the middle, but you can easily fix this by decreasing both of the lights slightly.

it annoys me too, but i dont know how to center it correctly

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Finally I would decrease the lights a bit, they are a bit too bright for a scary game. My opinion honestly, I don’t really know what game you are making, but most scary games that I’ve played have been dark (to some degree).

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here is the lore : you wake up and check your bank account, all your money is gone! you receive a message from a random number that tell you to go to a certain address to get your money back. surprisingly alot of people were there too. what will happen now?

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I like the one on the right so to copy that I would make a part that extends from the right of the light to the wall with a door. You can then copy this part to the other side to see how far you need to center it. Hopefully this works.

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What I think would go well with this is just making 1 light centered in the middle (using the align tool). This light could occasionally flicker, because I feel like this address would seem a bit sketchy.

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true, also what is that center tool?

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My bad, its the align tool. Model > Alignment > Align Tool.

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