What could I add on to this Lobby? Where should I place things?

I’ve recently been working on a lobby for a kind of RBLXware-type game. It’s supposed to a sky island, and I was doing pretty well as I prepared all the models (they are supposed to look plastic-y and lowpoly), but after placing down the first few models on the map I quickly ran out of ideas for where and what I should place.

Here’s what I know should be in a lobby:
-Shops, preferably close to spawn
-Something to do while you wait, parkour or something related to that
-Areas of particular interest

But the thing is, I don’t know WHERE to put this stuff. And what comes after? There will still be multiple empty spaces and I don’t want to simply fill them up with trees. I want the map to be alive and fun.

Here are the photos:

Help3.PNG Help2.PNG

(Sorry if formatting is weird)

It’s hard to say but I’d definitely add a few more buildings.

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I would recommend putting trees and rocks around to give variation and put bushes near the path and make it go into trees also recommend to make more models such as a birch tree or bigger rocks or bushes.

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Definitely agree with that. I’ll probably add a few more houses around the map, and probably two shops (Hat shop + Ability shop).

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try to make a few more tree and bush variants- I plan on adding textures later as well when I’m near my drawing tablet.

looks ultra empty, a handy technique you can employ is try different heights of trees and by rotating the leaves a bit on the axis you can get away with different looking trees with minimal work, honestly imo you just need waffle for the area, think maybe a small waterfall, mountain, river-esque thing?

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Woah, this looks good. To reply to your post I would add some, trees, shops, parkour, and coins to collect.

It’s quite plain, and the blur seems a little too strong.

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I’m not on my best computer right now, hence the blurry images. I’m using a laptop currently.
Also, that’s the thing I’ve been running into- I’m not sure what to add, as I ran out of ideas after placing the first few things down. I know it’s far from done, definitely.
Thanks for the suggestion, though. Once I have access to my desktop I’ll see what I can do to edit the lighting to make it better, just in case.

Oh yeah, I’ve rotated the trees around and resized them a bunch. It’s probably a bit hard to see in that photo (my mistake, sorry). Also, thanks for the ideas. It’s really hard to fill the area when your mind goes blank! :smiley:
I’ll see if I can fit in a lake to separate the path between the two raises in ground, and that’ll help solve my problem.

In terms, the size of the lobby is large as it will be quite hard to feel areas with unwanted items and details try using reference images related to your style and see what you can do to make the area feel alive and interesting.

If you are going to have large space, I highly recommend adding little trees and possibly some other buildings or even mountains if ever needed. It can be quite hard to feel areas it may be best to add smaller areas where things are interesting for players take examples of other previous games. Lobby shouldn’t be large, however since your wanting a more fun and interacting map try gathering ideas from other games and incorporate your elements to throughout the lobby.

After all, these are just suggestions images can come handy if you lack ideas.

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This is very helpful! Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll see what details I can add while looking through well-known lobbies (Roblox Death Run, Epic Minigames, etc.) and make a few arrangements based off of that.

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