What could i add to my house?


I have been working on this house for my next showcase game coming soon.

Screenshot_1151 I want to know if there is anything else including details, decorations, etc to add to the house since i’m running out of ideas.
Any ideas?


Hello! The build is pretty good, but the colour scheme for the deck area is not the best. I think you should change the floor area to wood, and a light colour, and change the wedge to stairts. Also, instead of using Cobblestone for the wall, you should use another material, like SmoothPlastic, or anything you like.


Looks really good man. My suggestions and ideas!

  1. Try adding some lights hanging some the roof ceiling. and i also suggest you add some plants on the front porch. And it would be great to get some lights on to the house i would add that to it!

  2. You can add some plants in the front of the of the stairs and. I would change the stairs a bit trying making it a natural stairs! and some trees will also go good with the house on the side and that’s really all my suggestions and ideas.

  3. Try changing the black color to a different more natural color it does really fit with the material on the house.

Keep up the good work man hoping to see more of your work!!


I won’t be able to do a full analysis to provide vital information that could be used for the best extent but: I will name points in a buttlet point format:

  • The structure: this is something that needs to be considered in your building. Detail is great! Absolutely but it can encourage over materialising your build or add too much which does unfortunately kill the buildings asthetics. The reason I came to this conclusion is because of how many windows there are on the front surface area.

  • Choose purpose of building: you said it’s a house however by coming to that conclusion it’ll be very benefital for you as you have an idea what all houses have. A garden, a front yard, other accessories (pool, hot tub, play area, bench.)

  • Purpose of your showcase: this is unknown but if your showcase is about displaying houses than you can build other accessibility methods like roads and that could also lead you to another idea such as making cars.


Well, you could make a room with a balcony or you could add a chimney with smoke coming out like a fireplace burning inside, that would definitely make it look more detailed.

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Hello CarloBloxDev,

Your building would be fine for using in abundance, just requiring a few unions applied here and there. However, I do have some input to offer you on this build :point_down: .

#1 Comment:
Your building’s windows are clipping the bottom of the building’s brick material, and I’m unsure if this is on purpose but I think it would look a lot better, builder to builder, to raise the windows a little bit --with the awning if you think it best. Also, I’ve noticed that the windows are slightly transparent, showing the Cobblestone material behind it, you should make it opaque.

#2 Comment:
Are the arches beneath the building’s porch necessary for what you’re trying to achieve? If the answer is ‘No’, I recommend removing these arches and replacing the space underneath with a single brick; saving space for more parts.

#3 Comment:
I’m a bit clueless about the isolated window below the roof and why it’s there, as it’s most likely applied in the attic of the building. I think removing this window would save a bit of space in your game; if you do use the building in abundance. Furthermore, you could apply more design to the roof of the building, which I’m guessing are two wedges, by applying the wood-planked material.

#4 Comment:
The structure’s stairs leading up to the building could be worked on by using blocks for actual stairs – although you’ve probably corrected this as people have pointed it out above. :yum:

#5 Comment:
The building’s colour scheme is very odd in my opinion. I think it’s worth having a look at other house designs’ colours and use those.
As a starting ground, although people have previously mentioned, it’s worth working on the porch’s colour, as the colour you’ve gone with makes the brick material look off.
I think the awning could be made a persimmon-esque colour and given the Fabric material, just add the necessary wooden-‘materialed’ sides to make it more realistic; to be honest, I’d remove the awning.

#6 Comment:
The windows don’t look right because they aren’t aligned with the building’s other components.

Remember that a simple, compact and well-organised building can still be beautiful! :dizzy:

Hope this was helpful. If you need any more information by me emphasising or adding new scrutinous input, let me know :yum: :+1: .


Hi there!
It is a nice building indeed, but there are some issues

  • instead of using a wedge / ramp, use stairs
  • there are a lot of windows, too much windows
  • You could change that isolated window (maybe make it smaller and change shape to make it more unique) or delete it
  • Heh, a chimney of course, it is an important detail
  • I am not a fan of the colours and materials, the brick is fine in the house, but the cobblestone does not match so much, so doesn’t that colour so much

Anyway, I can see the effort and detail
Keep up the great work!


Hello! The decoration looks pretty good, however there are important parts that must be taken into account for a good construction, for Example:

1-Do not join two blocks of the same or different material (or color) because this will make the two textures as equal or different to be noticed making an effect as if they fought for which of the 2 blocks will be first.

2-That there is a good tonality of the colors, This will make the user who is in the building's presence see this model more striking, In other words if you know how to mix the colors well it will be more striking for any user that is in the presence of this build,

3- (this is more an idea) The color of the lower part does not look so good, You could change it to something that has more relation with the color of the base of the house, You could also change that ramp by a staircase, This will make Make it look more detailed and beautiful.

Well, this is what I can contribute!


It looks pretty decent.

I think you should stick to one shape. If you are going to have curved windows, then a curved door could be appropriate. I think the door should also have similar colours and materials to windows.


I dont think the color for the deck (black) looks that nice. For the stairs you should use parts instead of wedges.


Hey CarloBloxDev,

I really like your house; it gives me a nice vibe. However, they’re a few things I can suggest for you to change.


  • Material; Maybe a more bricky type build would be better; I feel that the cobblestone texture doesn’t quite match the build your trying to get across. The black bricks may also be better if it was wood.
  • Detail; Try to add things such as plants, water, and curtains. These things really help make your build look more appealing and constructive.
  • Structure; It would be nice if the house was taller then wider; but thats my personal thought. I would change your steps due to its lack of detail and complexity. But very nice job on the fencing.

Overall, its a really nice build!

-7w_w (Pika)

  • The isolated window doesn’t match with the attic’s compinets (compinets are free models inside non-free models)

Yes, I agree that the bottom part of the house is a little too dark and that plants/greenery should be included in the surrounding area.

  1. You can add cracks and vines and show a little bit more wear & tear.
  2. Lights are great ideas, especially ones that hang down. To make it even more realistic, you can add a spotlight or any type of light object inside it.
  3. I feel like the windows, especially on the bottom, are just a little to large compared to the height of the overhand. I think that you should include a larger margin between the windows and the edges of the house.
  4. I also think that instead of using cobble as material, you can use smooth plastic and add in parts that represent bricks scattered on the walls, if you are going for that style.

I hope that helps. Good luck on your build!

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