What could I improve in this game icon?

Icon for a new game @harule and I have been working on.

Any feedback will be highly appreciated.
I’ve also considered adding the game logo to the icon, do you think I should do that or leave it as is?


This is a really Awesome icon you and harule did, i would leave it as it is. But i would like to see the second tank come through also, but all and all this is really good icon keep it up man…!

Good luck on your project! another thing also can you make the the image bigger and longer.


Looks good! If I had to give any critique, it’d be on the tank in the background. Considering the icon is going to be squished down to sizes like 150x150, it may be hard for some to tell that that’s part of a second tank, and not something connected to the first tank.



Oh, that’s a second tank?! I didn’t even realise!

In that case, I would agree with CaptainJadeFlames - perhaps try and make the second tank in the background more noticable when viewed on the same, small size of an icon! You could change it’s colour a bit so it differentiates from the tank in the foreground, unless tanks in the game can’t actually have their colours changed?

Aside from that, great work! I really like the grass, it looks realistic :+1:t2:

The grass is low, you could probally raise that by like 2 inches.


My Precarious Findings in this Game Icon

Overall, this is an amazing icon and I can't wait to see what it has improved on. These are just my opinions, but they will help you make a better icon.

Findings Number 1:

As @ScytheSlayin has said about the grass, I completely agree. This grass doesn’t follow the pattern, in the grass in the other areas.

As you can see, the black lines are slanted to the left which doesn’t really go with the design. Instead, the grass should be taller and up more. Making the grass different to go with Findings Number 2.

Findings Number 2

To begin, game icons will be squished into small 150 x 150 icons. I also agree with @CaptainJadeFlames


Imagine scrolling through the games page and seeing this icon. What are your reactions?

  • The grass looks really small
  • Almost looks like the second tank is connected to the first tank
    • The second take is like a small machine gun or side weapon to the first tank
  • Grass seems flat

Findings Number 3

There are a few things that seem very weird in this icon.


Why is there a blue lighter at the front of the barrel? Then, the second tank doesn’t have this blue light. Are these different types of tanks?


Findings Number 4

In most tanks, the tread of the tank is a rubber/hard plastic material. However, in this icon, the tread is a concrete or marbarelish material?! Didn’t know you can drive a tank on concrete :joy: Another comment is that the tread isn’t really wrapping around the axis of the tank. I feel like some shapes on the tread are longer than the other. In real tanks, the tread is short small rectangles wrapped around the axis.

Real tank image:

Notice how small those rectangles are around the tank.

The Last Findings

If you look at most popular games on the front page, they all have text showing their title of the game.

As you can see, most games have a title. I suggest you do the same. Either has the title be in the bottom of the icon or the top. Here is a quick example I made if your game was called “Tanks”.



Overall fantastic logo, and I hope you use my feedback to the fullest. All of my suggestions are opinions to make it better, and you don’t have to use all of them. I hope your game will go to the utmost success and you use my feedback (it took a long time to make) :grinning:

Keep Developing,


It looks cool but it doesn’t tell you much about the game at all and could easily be stolen, a game logo would really help this.

Looks good though, nice work.

The tank with the blue flame, I presume, is a flamethrow tank, given how most flame throwers have a pilot light at the front of the barrel.


Very nice, but I suggest adding the game’s name at the bottom of the logo

Awesome render. If I was working on this, I’d make the sky a little more dramatic (warmer colors or something?), remove the 2nd tank or change the focus of the image to be near head-on, and as others have said, add a logo or text. Whatever you do, I’d err on the side of being representative of your actual game, because when I see a super cool thumbnail and then get in and it’s far less cool, I get disappointed and leave the game in less than 20 seconds. Could be just me, but I like thinking of the icon/thumbnail as a teaser of the bigger game ahead, and if it’s not at least somewhat accurate, it feels “cheap”.

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Thank you all for the great critiques! We’ll use them to improve the icon for the next update.