What could improve? - Hat UGC Concept

Hi!! I made some hats and a backpack for a game for the EPPIC STUDIOS (a few months ago) studio and I wanted to know something to improve them or what I could change from one of these 2 models

something like that hats look like on a character

if you have a better idea to improve these hats do not hesitate to say it :smiley:


Can the hat be tilted a little less
If you have a character with no hair, well the head would show

Good job

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I would say tilted is good but u can add hair in them.

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The handles of the sunglasses on the hat is going through the persons head, (it should be going on the sides of the persons head). I also agree with that the hat should be tilted less (it should also be lifted up a little since it would go through lots of hairs).

Other than that these look great! Keep up the good work!

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