What counts as a GFX Icon?

I see lots of people sort GFX into thumbnails, advertisements and icons. However, I really don’t know what an icon is. Could someone please explain and provide examples? Thanks!

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I’m pretty sure icons are the square icons on the front of games, like this:


I thought those were thumbnails??? What’s a thumbnail then lol?

This is a thumbnail


Thank you so much! I understand now.


Whenever uploading things to Roblox it will tell you what they are. For example Roblox provides different templates and size constraints.

Game ad page.

For the ones where you can’t find the size you should be able to find the info online like an icon for a group or game is 512x512 and a thumbnail is 1920x1080.

Hope this helped you find out what an icon is and beyond. Also if you have any questions about a developers work just ask what you would get. Most are very helpful and if they’re not I don’t think they would be a good option.


An icon is a 256 x 256 square that is the main front of your game.

Example: Arsenal

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