What counts as a high quality script?

I am not really sure if I am in the right section. But while going through the DevForum, I have gone through posts on how much to pay people for their work.

I understand that when it comes to paying scripters, the pay depends on the complexity of the task.

However, what exactly counts as a “high-quality” script, because some developers have claimed the price should depend on the quality of the script? If a script works most of the time with maybe a few minor bugs, would that be high quality?

This isn’t always the case, while yeah, some people can obfuscate the script to make it hard to read, but I don’t really think there are things called high quality scripts.

I think this should be in #development-discussion

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For me and in my experience, “high quality” could be when it is easy to add or more manageable for the buyer, something simple, if someone asks you to make a store script, “high quality” would be that objects can be easily added without edit the entire script, also that it does not break due to mishandling of remote events, exploiters or something else.

It’s not exactly or really what it is, but it’s close I guess.