What counts as spam?

Title is pretty self explanatory. What counts as spam? I was scrolling through this topic and the majority of replies were something along the lines of “I am not 18 yet” or something like that. Half of the comments repeat what the user has just said and it feels like it is flooding the topic.

Does this count as spam? is it flaggable?

Spam literally means repeatedly posting unsolicited/unwanted content.

You should, since it is unnecessary. They are repeating content that has already been posted. I also saw like 6 posts in a row of people wishing applicants good luck. Everything after the first should be flagged.

Don’t hesitate to use the flag system – if a moderator deems your flag incorrect they’ll simply reject it. If incorrect flags happen repeatedly they might send you a simple feedback message but they won’t punish you.


Yes, you can flag these post because they are just re-posting what others have already said and not posting meaningful content. Every post must be on-topic, meaningful and not a duplicate of what others have already said:

(Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum)

If I can remember correctly I messaged the DevEngagementTeam asking about a similar issue with generic support posts in announcement threads and they said you are right to flag these sorts of posts.

I would urge anyone replying to announcement threads to use the like feature instead of replying with generic spammy replies so that the useful discussion doesn’t get drowned out.


If i flag too many posts, would that result in consequences? @incapaz and waterrunner.

Nope! If they are all correct then there cannot be a consequence. You are flagging posts that should not exist. And staff make sure to wipe them out of existence.

Eh, wouldn’t take it that far. But you get what I mean. Staff have to handle flags anyways so you don’t have to worry about flagging too many bad apples.


This is untrue, flagging too many posts can and will result in a strike.

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You can’t get in trouble for flagging bad posts that actually deserve to be flagged. That is like saying you can get in trouble for contributing too much to the forum.

If you have a source for this can you please send me a DM.

I think you only get a strike if you abuse the flag system to maliciously hide innocent posts, not if you flag too many posts.

You can receive a strike explicitly for flagging too many posts in a small time frame.

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One example would be if someone wanted feedback on their build or game"This is so goooood!", that’s spam because it doesn’t provide feedback and you can just use the like button. If you post is meaningful or helps the author out in some way, or if you have your own question which others could benefit from, then it won’t be spam.

No. As long as you’re genuinely flagging posts you think are against the rules you won’t be punished.