What custom Google Analytics events should I include in my simulator?


I want to integrate Google Analytics into my (classic like Ninja Legends / Saber Simulator) simulator game.

The gameloop consists of clicking to get a good. This good can be sold, with the money received, new weapons, backpacks or classes can be bought. Which makes it easier to get more goods faster.
Secondary activities are also implemented like: Flags, King of the Hill, Bossfight, Duel, Pets, Trading etc.

I am completely new in this topic.
What do you think are useful custom events I should track?

Ideas that I have:

  • Mark new players
  • Purchase of developer products and gamepass tracking
  • Purchase of weapons, backpacks and Rebirths tracking
  • How often a player comes back (retention)

I already watched this video: RDC 2019 Grow Your Game with Analytics

And what should I pay particular attention to?

Thankyou for your answers

If you get Google analytics working plz tell me how you did it bc I tried using roblox’s module and my data has not shown up after 24hrs. Im using gameanalytics instead.