What customer support tool should I use?


First of all, if this is the wrong category, let me know. I thought this would be the category which suits the most.

Anyways, so I’m looking for a customer support tool which we can use to deliver support to our users (Duh :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’ve so far tried Zendesk, they have all we require, but they’re as well expensive.

Our requirements:

  • Discord support
  • Facebook dm support
  • Twitter tweet support
  • Twitter dm support
  • Web interface for the agents

Nice to have add-ons:

  • App for agents.
  • Website live-chat.

Since a lot of services and sites are just not benig discovered because they run no ads, I was wondering if anyone knows sites or companies who provide this for free, or pretty cheap.

Thanks a lot in advance for taking your time to read & reply.

Kind regards,

I haven’t tried this so I’m not sure how well it works, but I just googled “free customer support tools” and this was the first one that popped up.


Thanks. We used Freshdesk before, but they don’t support discord as channel, sadly.

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