What did I do to these buildings that's causing so much lag?

I’ve been searching for like a whole week now non-stop on why my game seems to be so laggy. With a fps unlocker and graphics to full the top fps I can get at my game’s spawn is about 90. I recently found that with graphics set to 1, that when I walk out of radius of the games shop and pawnshop (both of which are at spawn), my fps jumps all the way to 400. Here’s a video demonstration: Lag Demonstration - YouTube. And I’m even going to go as far as putting a link to the models here for anyone to check out: Shop - Roblox | PawnShop - Roblox. Also for context as to why all parts in the models are meshes, I used a plugin that did it, that may or may not have helped the lag.

I believe I found the real causing of most the lag in my game, so this post isn’t really needed anymore.

Do you have a game that has the models in it? also try to turn off cast shadow in the properties of the model.

Yes, the game is the one in the video I linked. I will turn off cast shadow to see if that does anything.

It didn’t seem to yield any different results sadly.

oh then try to remove the meshes from the parts and check differences.

Well I would, although I don’t think it would do anything different, but all the parts in the models are meshparts. So I don’t believe I can just remove the meshes.

oh ok, i thought you meant special mesh.

i would recommend trying to change some stuff in the properties of the model or look up some tutorials on how to import meshes in a better way.

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