What did you made with the new joints/constraints?

Hey guys,
I’ve been waiting for those awesome new features, and I wonder how far this can go.
I’d like to see what awesome things you’ve made with them !!

For now its locked because of IOS… but you can acces it from the gametest1, I tried myself but… I don’t get it yet ^^ !
So that’s why I’m asking you to share, show us !! :grinning:

I was trying to make a little hopping bot that hops forward on four extending legs using SpringConstraints and PrismaticConstraints. The result:
Behold, the Scootinator 3000.


Can someone please make ragdoll physics with ball and socket

Ocean simulator? or something.


Will this be just as smooth with multiple people on it?

Doubt it. Only one person can control the physics of a body at any given time, so the movement has to replicate to all of the other players, meaning it wouldn’t be realtime for them.

You might be able to get it smooth for everyone if the bouncing doesn’t affect gameplay though. You could use local parts with each part’s physics being owned by each of the players. In theory that would make it smooth for everyone since they’re all simulating their own physics, but the bouncing could go out of sync if a part hits the bouncing body on one client before another, which is why it isn’t feasible for gameplay which depends on the bouncing (e.g. Try Not To Fall Off! game)

How do the springs even work? So far mine are acting like ropes.


so far, all the times i’ve tried to create any of the new constraints, it just says “Bad cast”

@GregTame is that because you’re not attaching them to Attachment instances?

Video of a “simulation-ish” thing I did of a slalom course a buggy we have to build needs to complete. AFAIK, no other group has been able to produce a simulation (heh, probs 'cus no-one in the entire course (90 people) have ever used Roblox).

The video is potato; it’s slightly better if downloaded though.

I also made this a few weeks ago : P


The head likes to do this for some reason

Can you run me through How to do this by any chance ?

Here is a simple car with suspension.

yay !
Prismatic + vehicle seat only ??

or theres a script behind ?

Unfortunately it required a script. The wheels aren’t picked up by the vehicle seat.

oh ok !

someone make a pogo stick already!!!


I used loadsa ball joints.
First I removed the hip and shoulder Motor6Ds in the Torso
Then I attatched two invisible parts to each arm and leg, the upper half block cannot collide and the lower one can
Using attatchment instances and ball joint instances, I connected the ball joints in the torso to the upper (non collided) block of the arms and legs, meaning that they can flail about without colliding with the torso too much
I had to change the offset of the attatchments so that the ball joints weren’t centred inside the torso

I’ll just send you a file to look over.
Ragdoll.rbxl (14.6 KB)

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Choo choo:


How do you visualize the joints/constraints like the rope? I’ve seen people make the ropes visible but as far as I can see there’s no clear way of how to do it…