What do I do after I complete the DevEx Tipalti?

I got accepted to the DevEx program, with an invitation link. I entered all my info there. When I was done I got no email as confirmation. Now if I go to my Tipalti account, I get the options to edit every step I did:

What do I do now? Roblox or Tipalti didn’t email me back. Is this normal?

  1. Make sure you typed your email correctly.
  2. Check your junk/spam folders and if you have multiple accounts on the same mail app, check each one individually.
  3. Make sure you are able to receive emails and that there is no other external factor.

The email is correct and no spam emails. I got an email that says I changed the details from the account, which is before me finishing completing everything. I reached the last step where it says “Done”.

I have the same thing, what did you do then?