What do I do if I can't come up with a game idea?

I want to create a Roblox game, but I have not come up with a game idea, since I am a beginner at developing, and I usually think of big things. What do I do?

Sorry if this is in the wrong category!

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This is the correct category :slight_smile: I have lots of ideas, but to tell you some, are you a scripter, builder, ui designer or which sort of dev are you, and how advanced things can you make?

I’d say I don’t really know what I specialize at yet, like I said, I’m new in developing games as a whole, and I make things mostly simple, even though I want to think big.

Could I add you on discord, I think we could learn well from each other

Ummm, how about here instead? I feel uneasy at Discord

Okay sure, shall we pm on here then?


30 characterssssssssssssss

Here are some questions to help you in coming up with a game!

What games do your friends like?

What types of games do you enjoy?

What can you Add On to the concepts of the types of those games?

Hope I Helped! :heart:

Inspiration. Imagination.

Take inspiration from others, change it with your imagination.

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