What do I do if my DevEx requests keep getting declined without any proper reasoning?

Hi, so I have been saving up to DevEx gradual amounts, however, I have been getting declined quite often.

It has been declined about 3 times now, the first 2 being because I forgot to fill in the Tax form and whatnot and I have not received any emails back from Roblox. However, the third request was declined for:

Now I can only think of these reasons as to why it keeps getting declined:

  • Incorrect information filled into the WBEN Tax form
  • Past Robux conflicting with the amount saved up (Robux I bought shirts with (using a gift card) then got paid back for from the Credit Applied purchase option )
  • Past warnings or bans (perhaps on another account I am not aware of or someone else that has been banned conflicting with mine

If you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it since I am struggling with this.

Try contacting Roblox support about the issue.

Roblox doesn’t email you when your Developer Exchange request is denied, you need to follow up with them with an email. You can reach them by emailing devex@roblox.com and describing your issue (e.g. asking for reason for ineligibility) and they will reply back with details at their own discretion (“discretion” because they can choose not to provide a reason).

If you get declined, you should always follow up unless you’ve permanently lost eligibility due to past moderation action and have been told so before. Don’t force requests through, the message you get on Roblox is purely for notification purposes and doesn’t include details.

About your concerns:

  • Roblox does not keep the tax form you file to Tipalti on hand and it is only for informational purposes. Legally you need to fill this out correctly but it’s not a reason for rejection.

  • Robux ineligible for submission through the program can affect the request if the calculation on the exchange window is inaccurate (i.e. they double check that the amount you exchanged is eligible).

  • Past moderation actions can affect your eligiblity for the program depending on the severity. Minor infractions can be waived, moderate to major infractions may be held against you depending on their severity and recency (including permanently rendering you ineligible to exchange).

We can’t answer your question. It’s incredibly important that you email the above line to sort out the issue if applicable. Do NOT file it through regular support, they are not equipped to handle your inquiry and will give you a canned response redirecting you to the help pages on DevEx.

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Alright, I will try this, thanks for the help!