What do I do with this Backrooms level?

I am working on a survival-esque Backrooms game called “rooms.” I had finished developing the generation of Level 0, but I don’t know where to go gameplay-wise. The main objective is to find an exit to reach Level 1, but it’s lacking the survival aspect I’m looking for since I’m trying to stay a little canonical to Level 0, so it’s relatively boring.

Any ideas on what I could do to get to the survival type game I’m looking for while staying a little true to the canon?

Here’s a little demo of what I’m working on right now: rooms level template

i don’t think there’s anything you can do, if you wish to stay true to the lore. it’s not really an issue to have a bland first level, which just has an exit you gotta find to further progress. this backrooms game [!!] The True Backrooms - Roblox does the same thing without issue. you just need to keep the player interested by how you present the game. I’d also say the only thing you should fear with making a backrooms game is no one caring about your game specifically, as oversaturation of backrooms games seems to be already happening.

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SCP fandom has so many off-shoot side-canons I don’t think anyone is going to shake their fist at you for not obeying the most meta canon storyline. The wiki for backrooms alone is so full of garbage entities and bloat that I’m sure anything you can think of for the game already exists on the wiki in some silly incarnation or another.
Do you have the monster? What about making several? How about hunger, thirst? Items like the ladder? are the walls hard-placed, or dynamically generated?
Remember that any spooky horror game without suspense is going to be bland. I didn’t hear any creepy sounds, footsteps or see anything on the walls that’d bring me suspense

maybe try adding hunger, health and hydration levels. Try spawning in enemies, equipment, and food and water. Idk what else to say…