What do I do with this? (Making a spawn area)

I’m new to terrain design and don’t know much about it. What can I learn?

Here’s the spawn, I’m trying to make something to fill it up and make a terrain design for it, however, I’m having a hard time.

What do I do?


try to smoothen the transition between the rock and snow. and add some elevation to the rest of the snow aswell as trees. lots of trees.


Rock and snow? like… the big rock or the rock material around that shop shack?

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I agree some hills / elevations will look good in this type of terrain in my opinion.


like make it that there’s not just a sudden appearance of rocks / snow.


yeah i think adding more rocks might look better + if you add some kind of brown dirt terrain under them so it would make sense that snow doesnt reach under them


Thank you so much! One more thing…

I’m also trying to add this, but have a hard time using reference photos on this, what is it called?

and what do you think should be added to this?

im thinking its some stone edging, but there would be a sidewalk side it, so it might be something else?

(edit: nvm its called stone wall with steps on google search)

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Hmm a winter map…I would make some wood houses around as well as logs.

Also you just gave me the idea of adding a random parts generator to my plugin :wink:

Thank you! I have elf cabins already in stock :>

Oooh you’re talking about those random colored parts under the tree? :joy:

Nice idea!

No i was talking about a script that positionate parts randomly in a given area.

Try adding rocks, snow mounds, trees, anything like that which could fill up some space.

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I would try adding some different tree types to help bring some more variation. I would also add details like, benches, bushes, and maybe some trash cans but those are just suggestions.

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my lord please let me know when you have it made :sob:

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