What do I do with this map?

I was going make a scary game but I don’t know what to do with the game now what should the game be about?

Here’s the game : A Bizarre Town [test game] - Roblox


I have been into the game and have the following to report.

  1. Please add a barrier to prevent the adventurous player from falling off the layer.
  2. Bizarre to me means something unusual. I could not find anything.
  3. Perhaps play around with colours, trees are normally green and brown.
    How about pink and yellow. Houses with unsquare windows.
    Paths with holes?

Ok thanks this will really help me.

  1. I would suggest making your own dialog system. Roblox’s default seems so crude.

  2. Add some sort of world barrier, that not only stops you from falling off but stops your camera from looking over

  3. These houses have clipping here

  4. This might have been on purpose but why is there an open space here, which is this big?

Thanks I will make sure to add but the map is not finish that’s why where’s some spaces.

Oh alright, all good then.
{Filler characters down here}