What do I need to improve to help raise my Obby's like/dislike ratio?

I am struggling to uncover any issues that have contributed to my like/dislike ratio’s low rating.
The Obby isn’t too difficult, or too easy. It’s a good length. The UIs are clean and are correctly sized on all devices. The game is very polished, and gets updated regularly.

The issue is that my game has a like rating of 28%. I’m certain this is contributing to my game being very far down on the obby search page. I have not received any complaints on my group wall, or on my discord server. I have implemented stages that save progress so if you leave you won’t lose all your progress, and have implemented a functioning skip stage button that is fairly priced.

Game link: [ Content Deleted ] - Roblox

All feedback is appreciated.

Im pretty sure the dislikes are botted or people really hate generic obby games

For a game to get mass dislikes its either a bot. (Did the dislikes all happen suddenly or this their a common trend over time?)

But for someone to actually dislike a game they must of had a horrible experience. Even boring games dont make people click the dislike button you have actually be mad at the game to click the dislike.

Like someone spawn killing you over and over. Mass hackers. Or unexpectedly losing your progress and save after playing a long time.

Maybe check for any of that.

Skip stages are NEVER fairly priced no matter what.

Obbies tend to be disliked a lot, regardless of difficulty (unless it is incredibly easy)
This is probably a case of dislike hitting however, but it looks like this obby is directed towards a younger audience and you mentioned it wasn’t too easy which may be the reason for so many dislikes


People are probably disliking your obby because its really generic. The only cocomelon thing I could find was a floating decal that said cocomelon near spawn. Since theres nothing unique in your obby people are just gonna leave and play MEGA EASY OBBY 1000+ STAGES [PETS UPDATE OMG] instead. You should try thinking of some cool original ideas and adding them to the game.

Sorry for the late response. The dislikes were at random around a 3 weeks after my game released. Around May 28th, 2021. I was getting around ten of dislikes per hour; for a day. Presumably from one of our competitor groups who was making bots to spam our group wall with statements similarly to, “Your game is a bad copy.”. Even though our games have drastically different obbys, and are no way similar. I assume they botted since their game lost their 40-80 concurrent players and all the player traffic was coming towards our game. I have gone to Roblox support to do something about the dislikes in the past but they have done nothing.