What do I need to work on in my builds?

I’ve been building for about a year now, and wanted to know what I need to work on. Here are some builds.

This was made in early April

Vault Cage

Vault Cage

These were made in the past month

Beach Jeep


you need to work more detail in places that player can see.
and reduce detail in places that player cannot see.

For example in your jeep. It can use more detail on the chair, the wheel and the over all appearance of the body.

While the pins on the CPU is not necessary, unless you want people to count it.

Hi, thanks for the feedback! I like the pins on the CPU, because it was only a practice build for larger scale duplication projects.

The CPU and the cage have a lot of parts. Try reducing those. Although it may look cool, if multiple of these assets are implemented in a game, it could cause performance issues. And as @cowwy_yt said, try to work on detail where it will be most noticeable. ex: the interior of the jeep

Change the CPU cylinders into lines of meshparts, it’s more performant.

The vault cage needs more details with the buttons, and mesh the wedges together so less lag.

You just have to add more detail to certain parts of your build, ill give you tips on your jeep.

image This sticks ouit too much and doesnt look supported, put it in inwards or just make the part invisible.

Chairs could use some more detail and wheels are too thin, unrealistic and undetailed. The body of the car is generally quite nice and sleek however.

Onto your cage, the area where you enter the code is very undetailed compared to the rest of the build, in a real game you would probably want to maximise detail on that as that is what the player will be concentrating on, not on the bars of the cage.

I have nothing to say about the CPU because its relatively fine and realistically is pretty undetailed.

This is very helpful! The reason the wheels are so thin and the car is so low is that the body isn’t tall enough, wheels would have gone into the sides. Thanks for the feedback!

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